Organisational leadership on sexual harassment

This section focusses on the key leadership priorities for organisations to create a workplace that is safe, inclusive and respectful. We can assist you with resourcing and support to meet your legal obligations. 

Respectful Workplace Program

(Sexual Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination)

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Regarding sexual harassment, leaders should take action that demonstrates an inclusive culture that treats everyone with respect. Learning leaders should have discussions with the leadership team about what inclusive behaviour looks like and how the organisation can put it into action.

Leaders at all levels in an organisation play a critical role creating safe and respectful workplaces. They are crucial in setting the organisation’s framework for preventing and responding to sexual harassment in the workplace and role-modelling a diverse, inclusive, trusted and gender-equal culture.

Without a serious commitment from leadership, Australian workplaces will struggle to embrace the changes in mindset and approach needed to reduce the prevalence of sexual harassment in Australia and to make our workplaces safer.

Leadership goes across both preventative and responsive measures to address sexual harassment in the workplace and is relevant for both small and large business.

This section focuses on the key leadership priorities from both a prevention and response perspective. We’ll explore:

  • what it takes to lead by example
  • why celebrating positive behaviours is important
  • how to effectively communicate and be transparent as a leader
  • what accountability is

Throughout this section you will have access to practical tools and resources to help you to take a lead in creating a safe, respectful and inclusive workplace.

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